Michelle Abbott

Portfolio: Strings of Life

Series # 1 2012/ 2013

I am investigating the paths and patterns of timelines, existence and connections with others amidst the chaos of 7 billion. Is our life a continuous flow of chance meetings, or is all directed from our own decisions; or are we simply at the mercy of a greater puppeteer. I am charting my life so far, via pivotal points and the human connections I have made along the way; some which are still going, some which came along like a bolt out of the blue.  By plotting my axis of existence, almost as a ship would plot its course, I am creating patterns of my life. I am charting the randomness, the closeness, the continuity of my connections to others. Symbols, numerology, layers and codes of life events are charted and visually brought together using mixed media and cottons to sew the maps of time into a fixed formulaic graph of life so far.