Michelle Abbott




In my new works on paper I am investigating the paths and patterns of timelines, existence and connections with others amidst the chaos of 7 billion. Is our life a continuous flow of chance meetings, or is all directed from our own decisions; or are we simply at the mercy of a greater puppeteer. I am charting my life so far, via pivotal points and the human connections I have made along the way; some which are still going, some which came along like a bolt out of the blue.  By plotting my axis of existence, almost as a ship would plot its course, I am creating patterns of my life. I am charting the randomness, the closeness, the continuity of my connections to others and threading together the new and the old, layers of history and times gone by which are still relevant to the the now. Symbols, numerology, layers and codes of life events are charted and visually brought together using mixed media and cottons to sew the maps of time into a fixed formulaic graph of life so far.




Much of my work has been inspired  by vital elements of our existence which we cannot see day to day - outer space, inner body, underwater. I am also fascinated by the hidden beauty of all simple things around us, such as…. city lights, car lights, neon signs, sweet wrappers, plastic toys, sprinkle coated cupcakes, daisy chains, ….. the make up of the everyday. I like to look through semi closed eyes and simply pick out the colour, the form, the texture - as if looking through a microscope or peering up a kaleidoscope as high as the stars.

I experiment with expressive uses of paint and heightened use of colour, playing colour against colour, light against dark and layer upon layer of texture. Elements of repetition become pattern, become surface, hint at the rhythms and precision which stem from our human foundations. I experiment with forms and materials, dragging the old traditional oil paints of yesteryear into the futuristic and industrial age of resin, glosses and spray paint. Surfaces and subject matter are often left to the hands of experiment, there is no fixed outcome, no fixed stop point, no edge of the canvas. My photographs transform often banal subject matters into quasi abstracted fields of heightened colour and rhythmic forms. My drawings are simple and reduced investigations into the basic principles of lines, shapes and forms. For me my works become environments of somewhere else, somewhere to get lost in, to escape to and indulge in.







1972Born in South London
1990 - 1991Epsom School of Art and Design
1991 - 1996University of Edinburgh & Edinburgh College of Art - MA Fine Art

Exhibition History

04/2013The Other Art Fair, London
11/2012Stars on Canvas, Maddox Arts, London
05/2011Open Fridge, Brighton
03/2011Unblank, Golden Square,London
03/2011Solo Show - Moksha Caffe, Brighton
02/2011Light Bite, Nottingham
02/2011A New Year Exhibition, Rushtead House, Surrey.
01/2006Art Auction - Children at Risk Foundation, London.
11/2004Brighton Art Fair
10/2004On Site, Group Show, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton
09/2004Lewes Art Fair
09/2003FS+RGXM=3, Group Show, 02 Brasserie, London.
10/2002Hang Ten, Group show, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton.
07/2002And so on..., collaborative show, Mojoe, Brighton.
03/2000Kromatik, solo show, Jacs Gallery, London.
10/1999Jam - Group show, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton.
08/1999Undercurrents, two person show, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton.
05/1999TellyOffy, solo show, No Man's An Island, Brighton.
03/1999Nu Nu, solo show- Hawth Theatre, Crawley.
06/1996Welcome to Shellyland, Degree show, Edinburgh College of Art.
03/1996Young Students, RSA Edinburgh.
01/1996Dear Jim... Permanent installation at La Belle Angele nightclub, Edinburgh.
09/1995Shelly and Me, I love you with all my art, London.
06/1994Summer Show, Vintners Vaults Edinburgh